Hair Cuts

Kids(10 & under)$15+

Our Artists offer the latest hair cutting techniques in the industry. We are continuously participating in networking and training classes to keep abreast of the latest hair cutting techniques.


Each Artist has their own personal style, and are excited to give you a “freshen-up”  cut, or a totally new design.  Our Artists are experienced at suggesting ideas that can help you decide on a great new look!


Bring the kidos along too, as we can give them a great new hair cut as well!


Perms & Straightening


Our Artists offer awesome perms and hair straightening/relaxing services.  Looking for that sexy beach curl, or perhaps that straight and sleek looking shiny hair?  We have several techniques and products that will give you the look you desire.  Our perms and hair straightening services are priced based on the length of your hair.  Call The Spot today for more information!

hair straightening before

Before Straightening

After Straightening

After Straightening


Hair Waxing

Lip or Chin$9+
Bikini Line$40+
Leg Full$45+
Leg Half$30+
Arm Full$30+
Arm Half$15+

The Spot offers hair waxing removal services in a private area of the Salon.  From ladies that would like to get that bikini line just right, to men who have excessive body hair they would like removed, the ladies at the Spot can remove unwanted body hair from top to bottom.

Call The Spot today for more information!

Hair Color & Highlights

Full Color$65+
Partial (High/Lowligths)$75+
Full (High/Lowligths)$90+
Custom Color$90+
Color Correction$100+

Hair Color

Our hair color Artists have many years of experience, knowledge and ongoing training in several different color lines.  We carry Schwartzkoph, Goldwell, & OYA hair color lines, giving our clients amazing color that lasts and holds shine, as well as complete gray coverage.

kylie-cut-color50ef3137be5ea.jpgHowever, if you prefer a hair color line other than the ones mentioned here, we have the experience to meet your own personal needs.

The picture at left is a client that went from blonde to a beautiful shiny brunette hair color.

Call The Spot to schedule your appointment today!


Highlights are very popular and still one of the hottest hair color trends for 2013!  Highlights can be very subtle, or they can be eye popping, and everything in between! The color options and effects are virtually limitless.

vanessa-bishop-hair1.jpgFor those  unfamiliar, highlighting is a process where we  separate strands of hair that will be lightened from remaining strands of hair that are either darkened or kept the current hair color.  The hair strands to be highlighted are then treated with hydrogen peroxide mixed with color pigment and applied using a small brush. Foil is then folded around the treated hair to protect the  untreated hair area during the color processing period.

Call The Spot today to get some beautiful new highlights in your hair!


Smoothing via Brazilian Blow Out

Depending on length$100+

We have an excellent hair smoothing treatment product called Brazillian Blow Out.  This is a safe product that our Artists use to tame unruly hair and eliminate friz. Your hair is left with a soft feel and a beautiful shine.

Hair Styling

Weather you’re looking for a nice blowout, or an up-do for a special occasion, The Spot Artists offer premier hair styling services.  We also do a lot of wedding parties, so if you’re planning on a wedding, we’d be glad to do the hair for your entire wedding party.

Give us a call if you have any questions regarding your hair styling needs!

Hair Extensions

Based on Length & Number of Extensions$400+

The Spot offers a range of hair extensions, ranging from permanent to temporary.  Whether your hair is thinning or your going on a special night on the town, we can put in long and lavish hair extensions that will give you a  full head of hair!

Call The Spot Salon today for your personal hair extension appointment!

Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning$25

The Spot offers deep conditioning hair treatments that include keratin protein.  Keratin helps restore  vitality to damaged hair during your daily routine styling and chemical exposure caused by excessive color and chemical treatment. These deep conditioning treatments leave your hair moisturized, healthy,  strong and to resist breaking.  Deep Conditioning also keeps your hair soft, nourished, and shiny.
In the end, Deep Conditioning is great for your hair, and it helps your hair feel very soft, subtle, and look really awesome!   Visit our website for more info.  Hope to see you at The Spot!

Makup Artistry

Makeup Artistry$35

The Spot offers beautiful makeup artistry for bridal parties, portrait photography, prom and all those special occasions. We can service your individual or group needs in our Longmont Salon, or you can make arrange for us to visit you or your group onsite.

Our makeup artists are experienced with not only fashion makeup artistry, but bridal makeup artistry as well.

Fashion makeup artistry is meant to draw attention to both the the model and the clothing design being modeled. This can be high impact where the makeup and fashion has little or no boundries, and is intended to get attention or make a bold statement.

Bridal makeup artistry entails skin tone matching and attention to detail. The makeup is designed to enhance the natural beauty of the bride’s facial features, without being obvious and over powering. Bridal makeup should be applied so that it looks natural and beautiful. Bridal makeup should also by synchronized among the bridesmaids, as you really don’t want one of the bridesmaids using color or makeup that draws attention away from the bride on her special day.

Visit our Gallery for a few makeup samples, but we are still working on the gallery. Please give us a call and we’d be glad to consult with you!