Hair Color & Highlights

Full Color$65+
Partial (High/Lowligths)$75+
Full (High/Lowligths)$90+
Custom Color$90+
Color Correction$100+

Hair Color

Our hair color Artists have many years of experience, knowledge and ongoing training in several different color lines.  We carry Schwartzkoph, Goldwell, & OYA hair color lines, giving our clients amazing color that lasts and holds shine, as well as complete gray coverage.

kylie-cut-color50ef3137be5ea.jpgHowever, if you prefer a hair color line other than the ones mentioned here, we have the experience to meet your own personal needs.

The picture at left is a client that went from blonde to a beautiful shiny brunette hair color.

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Highlights are very popular and still one of the hottest hair color trends for 2013!  Highlights can be very subtle, or they can be eye popping, and everything in between! The color options and effects are virtually limitless.

vanessa-bishop-hair1.jpgFor those  unfamiliar, highlighting is a process where we  separate strands of hair that will be lightened from remaining strands of hair that are either darkened or kept the current hair color.  The hair strands to be highlighted are then treated with hydrogen peroxide mixed with color pigment and applied using a small brush. Foil is then folded around the treated hair to protect the  untreated hair area during the color processing period.

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